Angel Investors

March 26, 2007

I’m looking for information regarding Angel Investors for a new web site soon to be launched. All comments are appreciated.


Creating A New Buying Experience With Video Advertising

March 18, 2007

My company is a start-up company called, Global Video Media Presentations, LLC. I started this company and website business because I saw a need in changing the way products are advertised. I especially felt this in the Luxury Products Market. It is a niche market but an important one. During research for this business, I found that there was a large and diverse global market for high-end products. Because of this large and growing population of wealthy buyers, I felt that the advertising methods were still antiquated and very expensive. Full page, still photo ads for Luxury Mags run about $5K to 22K for one month.

Global Video Media Presentations, LLC created a website formatted as a Luxury Magazine.

Our purpose of creating the website was to provide an entirely new type of buying experience using short story video ads. Also to link globally all luxury product marketers for visibility and excess traffic.

Examples of creating an exciting, alluring, sexy and memorable video ad to sell your products:

Picture this: Lear Jet parked on tarmac, wind slightly blowing, beautiful, sophisticated blonde dressed in a white linen sleeveless dress and RED Prada Stilettos (high heels) turns and waves, the video camera focus on the red Prada shoes as she climbs the stairs.

This type video sells emotion (I want to be that person wearing Red Prada shoes and entering a lear jet) the sexy shoes probably means a sexy destination in a Lear Jet, which definitely means excitement. The customer buying the Red Prada Stilettos knows she can’t afford the jet but she can purchase and be sexy if she has the shoes!

Italian Motorcycle, Ducati

Setting is Italy: A young man dressed in a black leather jacket and jeans is astride a Yellow Ducati Motorcycle, his girl, a beautiful brunette, wearing a flowered sundress and jacket climbs on the back,  covers her long dark hair with a helmet.  He starts the engine and we hear the smooth soft purr as the motorcycle starts. They take off from 0 to 60, riding into the countryside.

Runway Models for Fashion Designers:

To create a luxury buying experience using video to show as the model walks the runway, the flow and movement of the fabric of the dress the model is wearing.

Chanel Parfum:

The lady is in her softly lit bedroom/dressing room, preparing to go out to a concert. Seated at her dressing table, she chooses her Chanel Perfum and places it behind her ears, wrist and behind the knee.

These are just examples of taking the product and adding spice and excitement. Placing the product in a setting that makes it believable or doable to the purchaser. As you can see these can be as short or as long as the advertisers want.

Our website:, nearing it’s launching stage provide these benefits over print ads:

  • Beautiful setting of a truly Luxury Magazine
  • Cost is nominal compared to full page print ads (giving a one dimensional view)
  • Advertiser uploads video to a prepaid web page, which is entirely managed by advertiser
  • Advertiser can upload as many videos during prepaid period as he or she wants. Example: Video to introduce a new product, a fashion designer just put on new runway show for Spring Fashions or a new art collection just arrived.
  • Advertisers will be able to personalize their own web pages with wallpaper, music uploads, word text, images, font color spell check. They can write about new and exciting things happening with their companies. Upload pictures of company events, new products, new hires, store openings,etc. They can also link their pre-paid site to company website to draw more traffic.
  • Website also provides a language package for global clients wishing to advertise luxury products.
  • Advertiser is able to select music for their webpage at sign up. They also have the option to have music already on their video.
  • Site features a forum or bulletin board for discussions and suggestions to website owners.

Link2globalluxury, provides two types of uploads, video and or still photo for those advertisers that haven’t videoed their products yet.

This website, Link2globalluxury has a 3 fold purpose:

 Create a buying experience that is exciting, adventurous, emotional, sexy and memorable using video story telling. Also the use of music taps into emotional buying of the client. Most purchases are based on emotion not objective decision-making.

To bring another advertising platform to luxury product marketers.

Also to bring together under one website Luxury Product Marketers from all parts of the globe. Providing links from (under construction)to all luxury marketing sites. Best vehicle for promoting your products and website internationally. Site will bring more traffic and visibility to advertisers company website. Increase brand awareness by delivering true experiences instead of straight forward products advertised in straighforward outlets. And what better way to do that than create a luxury brand advertising experience by video.

This website is launching soon and we are looking for comments and ideas as to funding for a new start-up. Management funding to start.

Sorry, this was so long.  I appreciate any and all comments.


Barbara S.

Hello world!

March 16, 2007

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